Talented young masterchefs

Puglia features an acclaimed array of talented young masterchefs endlessly challenging to create and innovate new flavours...we aim at connecting them with the international community of Italian food lovers...We are what we eat: we use only high quality, sustainable, primarily organic and locally sourced ingredients !!  

“Puglia Chef Academy” e’ il network del "food" pugliese che intende promuovere uno sviluppo verde della nostra regione attraverso lo sfruttamento dei “giacimenti enogastronomici”

More than any standard cookery course that you can buy on line, the Puglia Chef Academy provides a true taste of Apulian and Southern Italian cooking .

It’s one example of the greater world of epicurean experiences that has opened up for travelers eager to pack their aprons and join immersion classes with local guides or expert cooks—whatever your time commitment, budget, and skill level.

We help travelers understand our local southern Italian culture and to revisit a favorite destination with a fresh perspective. After all, it’s exhilarating to start the day at a local market then sit down to a meal of pasta with meat balls of your very own making.

Students are typically teamed up with multilingual instructors. You can expect to pick up new kitchen skills and recipes, and lessons at lunch are often held at farm houses, vineyards,while dinners will be set in private homes or at top chef tables tucked in a corner of their kitchen domain, so that you can observe pros in the heat of the action.