BonVin -  Wine Marketing & Export

Wine is a real Italian success story. We are  the second largest wine exporting nation after France and our wines are drunk all over the world. 

BonVin provides strategies, consultation, and services in wine sales, wine marketing, branding, and technology to wineries and wine related businesses. As an international team of market researchers and strategy consultants, we are known for being curious, flexible, rigorous and honest. We are also known for loving wine J

Our business is dedicated to finding and promoting boutique vineyards as well as organic olive oil mills, which are usually still family owned and managed.

 For this purpose the company is developing a number of relationships with small dealers specialized in the boutique wines sector as well as selected restaurants throughout Europe; in the off-trade we work with a network of independent retailers, wholesalers and regional merchants throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

We export wines from Italy to countries all over the world. The wholesalers can benefit from a professional service and exactly the same net prices as our Italian clients. We also organize promotional activities, partecipation to trade fairs as well as to our Wine Festival held in Ostuni (south east of Italy). These initiatives are implemented through specific market researchs, missions and events whose organization relies on our experienced staff. We are flexible and able to make decisions and take advantage of opportunities quickly. We are not driven by sales goals and quotas as much as many of the large distributors.

Really large producers may want and need the size and manpower of a larger house, but medium-sized ones often have a trickier decision to make. The large sales force and extensive market penetration potentially offered by a large house may be desirable, but even a mid-sized winery can fall through the cracks in too big a house. "Medium-sized producers tend to get more attention at smaller distributors...