Gio Fasano is the cofounder and managing director of BonVin and the "Puglia Chef Academy" and author of a blog about healthy food, organic wines, travel and his creative life. 

When he’s not eating or cooking, Gio runs his own companies, Green Italy Tours, and Italian Countryside, featured on House Hunters International and USA Today. 

Before leaping into the world of food, he worked for several architectural firms and construction companies in Europe and the Middle East. He also worked on week ends at Oddbins in London where he learned about wines from the “new world”... 

Gio’s education is varied. He started with engineering at the George Washington University in DC and moved to architecture with a degree from the Catholic University of America. After college he spent a year working on organic farms in Tuscany, where he harvested wine grapes, and planted an olive orchard. In the past ten years he has shared his honest adventures in the kitchen with many guests from all over the world; he also has founded the “Olive Wood Cafe” in Ostuni as well as a restaurant within his family resort in Taranto.

When not working on cooking and eating food, he blows off steam (and calories) sailing off the coast of Puglia, where he lives. Gio is an avid supporter of dogs' power,  the arts, owner of too many cookbooks and classic cars :)

We have received a lot of help along the way. Many great chefs have worked on our ambitious projects, as well as our friends and collegues Dora, Mary, Gianfranco, Alessandra, Angela, Francesca and Gerardo.

 We believe that good food and wine broaden our horizon and give us new perspectives :)