To better understand our Primitivo, some even swish it in their mouths and hold it on their tongue, maximizing both surface area and duration of touch. At every step of this process, we are sensing the smells of the wine: the first whiff that comes up from the bottle upon uncorking, followed by the aromas that reveal themselves as the wine opens up in the glass. Usually these are food-related scents (fruits, vanilla, berries, chocolate), but there are also often musk, funk, and leather- smells of the body and of the earth.

 It has been proved that strong bodily wines like Primitivo contribute to lowering inhibitions... A study done by a group of doctors From Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Florence  has concluded that red wine increases sexual desire. This has to do with the antioxidants in wine and their effect on the lining of blood vessels, which increases blood flow to key areas of the body‚Ķ.

Beyond the concept of wine being sensual, the experience of wine itself is quite literally of the senses. There are few things that we experience with every one of our senses, food and sex being the most obvious, but wine exceeds both in this category. With wine, there can be new and different perceptions with each bottle, and even each sip within that bottle. 

Here is a selection of wines that will not only provide your body with a healthy dose of antioxidants, but can also make your special occasion a night of romance.